Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19 - 21, 2010

Intra day, silver is bullish and thus the five day remains neutral to slightly positive. More later on

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Silver is off 6% from its highs and most of this is because of USA dollar strength. Oh it is strengthening amongst other currencies and that could mean that silver could see some doom days in the future, because a strong USA dollar. Our GDP numbers and so many indicators will tell us that things are just so peachy fine and that we should all go back to our spending ways. If silver dips to $16.75 per oz again then you will hear that these great economic times are here or maybe the stocks collapse instead. You would know your holdings are worth what they were before. The same is true today when you compare to what they should be today. Many people assume that silver should be over $50 or even in triple digit figures at this time. I think it should be over $175 based on money supply and demand. When I see the pullbacks as I do today with a newer flock of participants investing in the white gold I laugh at the thought this investment will be a terrible one in the next few years.

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