Thursday, September 30, 2010

Month End 09/30/2010

Silver exceeds $22.00 and a major correction has yet to occur"

This chart is showing how resilient silver has been during this intermediate term bull market. The five day moving average was again successfully tested today and it continues to trade in a steep upwards trading range. Currently as of 7:30pm EST the silver market is at $21.77 which was the level that was support yesterday and has been resistance today. This could mean that the correction is about to happen, but the buyers or bulls are not giving up so easily. The key levels of support are $21.00 and $20.37 which was mentioned in my recent VLOG

This means that we are still three percent of a down move away from testing this 23.6%. The fibonacci level before 23.6 can be calucated by taking 23.6 and multiplying it by 61.8%. This brings us 14.6% and this level is at $21.36. This has not been tested of as yet because the bottom on todays sell off was $21.60. Therefore if we take 61.8% of 14.6 that gives us 9% and that level is $21.60. Therefore we have retraced 9% of the rally thus far which is pocket change. During this rally we have seen many corrections be that of a couple days of correcting through time or the odd two percent pull back.

The Monthly chart is not over extended. It shows a clear breakout from its previous resistance below $20 and that it has surpassed the 2008 highs. Therefore a move to the $24 or even the $26 and $28 area would not be a shocker when looking at this monthly chart. The move in 2006 gave us many big months where silver was exploding to the upside. When we mix the fundamentals of the dollar being backed by nothing and all this excessive money printing aka quantitative easing with the factor of the price manipulation to the downside that has been done with silver the big move is not a surprise.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


September 30 Update - Check back after the markets close at 4pm EST for a bigger in depth report on the blog as the month and quarter ends. Currently we are experiencing some selling, as we are in need of some sort of correction

SEPTEMBER 28 UPDATE - Markets moving higher again

September 27, 2010 Update

The price of Silver went up to $21.65 and has since had a retracement going down a little over one percent. This is no time to panic of a top in this market. When I say top, I mean intermediate one that will not be re tested for several days, weeks or even a few months. The price action we have been seeing over the last five or six weeks remains constant in a bull market trend that is slowly going higher. Because of this I am not going to update much onto the blog. If you are trading the silver then keep your eyes on significant support like the upward trend line and fibonacci etc as well as the strategies I talked about before with option PUTS and 2x short ETF.

September 24, 2010 Update

Silver has made a new thirty year high with its move over $21.35. Every day seems to be the same. That is slow stepping moves higher. There has not been any four or five percent moves in one day and thus we haven't retraced much from any rally. It seems every correction is a sideways correction for a few hours or a one or two percent retracement. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones is up almost 200 points and is exceeding a nice rally. The Dollar is getting creamed and is now at levels from earlier this year. The one index that makes me scratch my head is bonds. Based on the area bonds are at with the TLT stock market ETF up 20% from its low in April. Its very common for these to trade in opposite with each other. This means something has to give which could either be a stock market retracement from the gain in bonds or that of a bond market retracement as stocks flat line. It's hard to say, but the last time I seen something that did not make sense was when the TLT did not rise in the 2008 sell off and it followed with a massive spike in the Bonds market afterwards. There will be an update later on this weekend and for now like crabbydoxtrix says, "Thats all I got"

Silver is up big the last few weeks
Protection and Calculated Gambling!

Silver is over extended and a pull back is only to be expected. The timing of when can be very tricky. On this chart you can see that twice an uptrend line has been broken to the upside. The first was on the August 23 week and it exploded from there. The second time was on the week of September 13 and this line has now been support on one occasion. The five day moving average has held up and is rising at a rapid rate, for a rapid length of time. However, if we break the resistance line that has been the upper band for the last month then the gains would be big and most likely the the $24 area at least. Unless you have advanced knowledge or amazing calculations that I do not have or something else. Markets can correct either through time or through price and within' this rally there have been mostly time corrections and small price corrections along the way.

The fibonacci shows a price target at $21.05 which is the area it is battling at this moment. Its not uncommon for 161.8% to have little to no resistance, and when this happens its a high probability odds chance that it will go to level two as its next significant price target. Therefore with everything said their is no reason for many silver traders to sell short or sell their long positions. You are fighting this strong trend if you do. If you bought SLV when it was at $18.00 then ways of making protection plays that can make you even profit on a pullback is to play the OPTION puts on SLV. This way if you see a retracement where silver not only violates $20.00 per oz but even $19.00 per oz then you can profit from the play or at least take away some of the losses. Another way of playing this is by playing the ETF short that is shown below.

This ETF is getting creamed. The ultra ETFS are designed to be long term losers and the pattern that is against the path of the least resistance will get hammered the most. IF silver goes to $23-24 and beyond this baby is going to tank again. Therefore if you are playing with SLV shares or comex or you are a bullion holder then if you lose on the ETF play or you lose on the options PUTS then your shares or bullion will increase in value. However this enables you to sell your ETF or options Puts when they make new lows and then if you make news highs you would profit on the pullback. That doesn't mean you will still gain. It's possible that silver goes to $18.50 an OZ and you cash out your puts. You have a profit on a pull back and a move to $15.00 per oz can make you in the red. This is why they should call this gambling (but do not). They do not call this kind of gambling whether it be silver ETFS, SPY, QQQQ, XLF, TLT or any other kind of mutual fund gambling because that would cause many to not participate. If you are a bullion investor your gamble is that it's intrinsic value can hold and obstacles can come into play with an example being some massive big discovery which would reduce prices. However, if you are holding bullion and the Short or Puts don't work your bullion is worth more and you could probably get well over $30 a coin on ebay if it goes to $24 or $25 while your puts and stocks get wiped. If you profit on the pull back, you can buy more real bullion with profits. This means silver is obviously lower if you win a short ETF play and thus with smart money management it makes it harder to lose. As far as timing the short, if you do this now, it is a major gamble because the trend is higher and a breakout above not only this $21 fiboancci level, but the trend line shown on this page can have bigs gains coming. Plus most of you on this channel are expecting the big gains to happen and many have been expecting it for a while. Therefore would surprise you to see $32 or $40 come in a week or two? Not saying it will happen, but that it would not surprise me (that much).

100 MILLS Gold and Silver Scam Warning

Be careful when you are looking into getting these coins or bars. They are only plated with the gold and silver and thus you are getting around 1/1000th of the metal. This means with Gold at $1,300 its valued at $1.30 per ounce and at 1/1000 of $22.00 it is 2.2 cents value of silver per ounce. These are micro amounts and thus be careful. They will use fancy words like 100 MILLS to make it sounds like you are getting silver. People are getting scammed and its good to be aware of this before you make any purchases. Whenever you see anything that is too good to be true. Ask yourself why and do your own research, because for the most part it is too good to be true. Sometimes it might be a great opportunity and these do not come that often. The video below is a classic endlessmountain production on the 100 mills gold coin

Wednesday, September 22, 2010



The trend for silver remains higher as it is in a clear upwards trading range and the bias is still towards the buyers on all time frames. Usually the fibonacci works out to big areas of previous resistance and if this is the case then rally on the intermediate term time frame is not done. For both the 38.2% and 61.8% to meet up at the top of its resistance area then SLV would need to move to $21.15. This would make new highs because the Silver comex is around 2.2% higher than its value and thus it would work out to around silver at $21.75.


Gold Climbs to Record, Silver Jumps to 30-Month High on Dollar
Sept. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Gold climbed to a record for a fifth day after the Federal Reserve said it was willing to ease monetary policy further to boost the U.S. economy, triggering a slump in the dollar. Silver jumped to a 30-month high...

Economy: Silver starts to get some of the investor spotlight
The "poor man's gold” is gaining momentum. While silver SI-FT has long been overshadowed by gold as an investment, the surging price of the yellow metal this year is helping to drag its cousin into the limelight again...(Actual NewsOnline)

Global Gold & Silver Markets Set To Explode?
According to Jim Willie in his interview on Max Keiser’s show On the Edge: “In late July there was a story about the Bank of International Settlements and a 340 Ton Gold Swap Contacts (approximately $13,872,000,000.00 Billion Dollars). It aroused a lot of suspicion, it generated a lot of stories, and I think some diversion stories were permitted, like they were helping out some commercial banks. And then later, coincidentally a similar amount to the 340 tons was the supply and inventory of the Portuguese Central Bank...(The IntelHub)

Gold/Silver Ratio Analysis
The Gold/Silver ratio has just broken in favor of Silver. In other words, the ratio has broken to the downside. This development along with persistent strength in Gold has prompted the mainstream gurus and “experts” to talk up Silver. We've been writing about the potential in Silver on more than one occasion...(The Market Oracle)

VIDEO - Silver Bullion: 90% Silver–I Know What That Is. (It’s Silver)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The Silver Rally

For one month silver has been making higher highs and higher lows while gaining three dollars or almost 20%. The moves have done been that volatile as we have not had any four or five percent days along the way. It is very normal after big up moves for silver to have some serious price corrections and thus far it has not been the case. The federal reserve has their minutes meeting today and that can often cause volatility in most markets including silver.

I was reading this article from the AP which states the Federal Reserve not only wants to heal this economy naturally, but will take steps to boost the economy if need be. Boosting the economy is nothing more than printing additional fiat dollars and thus adding to the money supply. The only way to add to the silver supply is to actually mine and refine silver and thus it is not as easy as printing money. The price movements both up and down are done so through the comex market exchanges and do not reflect the real supply and demand


Investors Flock To Gold And Silver On Economic Recovery Concerns

Investors worried about the global economic recovery pushed gold prices to fresh highs on Friday, marking the third time in a week the shiny metal set a new record. Silver also climbed to its highest price in thirty years. Spot gold climbed above $1,282 an ounce in New York and London as a weakening dollar spurred demand from investors for wealth protection, while silver rose to $21.44 an ounce, its highest level since 1980... (Daily Markets)

ETF's Brooks Says Silver May Fall in Economic Slowdown (VIDEO)
Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Nicholas Brooks, head of research and investment strategy at ETF Securities Ltd., talks about the sustainability of silver's 24 percent rise this year. Brooks speaks with Maryam Nemazee on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."

Silver Outperforming Gold During September
(Kitco News) -- Silver has outperformed gold so far during September, and the trend may well continue for the foreseeable future, traders and analysts said. “In a normal bull market for the precious metals generally, one of the hallmarks would be that silver gains upon gold,” said Dennis Gartman, publisher of the widely followed The Gartman Letter. “That is in fact what is going on right now.”

Gold Forecast $2,500, Silver Could Easily Reach $180
More than 95 respected economists, academics, analysts and market commentators are of the firm opinion that gold will go to $2,500 and beyond before the parabolic peak is reached. In fact, the majority (55) think a price of $5,000 or more - even as high as $15,000 - is actually more likely! As such, just imagine what is in store for silver given its historical price relationship with gold!...(Market Oracle)

5-part series on gold/silver manipulation...
From a posting forum and the links are from Seeking Alpha

Silver's Breakout
It finally happened. Through months of struggle, silver has finally managed to crack the $20/oz mark. In past newsletters, we touched on the positive signs of why silver, along with gold, should outperform and continue to see new highs. After months of what many believed to be market manipulation... (Seeking Alpha)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 8, 2010

UPDATE - 9:00PM - 09/20/2010

Technical Issues on my end have been resolved and daily updating will resume on this blog. Check back on Tuesday and beyond for more great charts and information regarding to silver

UPDATE - 12:50PM - 09/16/2010

This rally in silver has seemed like a tortoise rally. This is because the daily moves have been low, but it is price that pays and we have now seen a 20% move from its bottom a month back. There has been only small corrections either through a day or two of time or a percent or two in price. However, we are now approaching the three decade high of $21.35 which was made in March of 2008. Also because the movements and volatility are so small in silver, if Silver can stay above $20 for the rest of the week (which seems pretty favorable) then this will be the first time since 1980 that silver has had a full week of being over $20. In 2008 even though it got to $21.35 from a 50% rally it closed its week below $17.00 thus it lost over 20% that week alone. Silver is used to having these big rises and falls. We are not seeing this now with silver and I have been commenting on this before to watch out for the big moves. For silver to make the $32, $50, $78 levels and beyond it will need some big days where silver is up 10% as well as having corrections of mass proportions to the down side.

UPDATE - 11:50AM - 09/14/2010

Silver is priced at $20.49 and has taken out the psychological $20 level by 2.5%. The next big potential resistance is in the $21 area and change with $21.35 being the highest silver has been in around thirty years. This area does seem to be the next test. The volatility is still very weak and most of the market corrections during this intermediate term bull market has been through time. This means that after a big gain, prices stay flat in a general area rather than going lower.

Update - 2:16pm EST 09/09/2010. Due to unfortunate technical issues I will not be able to update this site as much for a week or two. Therefore I will not be putting any or many charts on the screen during this time and thus be restricted to mainly adding text like I am doing so here. There is not much to update on todays action other than this is the third straight day for Silver over $20 and the move has taken us to as low as $19.80 which is only about 1.5% of a move lower from it's highs which is fairly insignificant thus far during a rally that has well exceeded 10%.

Silver over $20 for the second day in a row

Silver has managed to get over $20 for the second consecutive day as the intermediate bull market continues. The market is over extended, however there is no reason why it can not move higher towards it next price objective of around $21 towards the thirty year high for silver which was established in March of 2008 at $21.35. Some time soon we will be talking about breaking the 1980 high of $50, but for now the trade is much lower than fifty dollars. The inevitable at some point will happen to keep moving silver higher as well as many other assets and commodities because of the value of the fiat currencies getting slammed into oblivion. If you are unsure how to play this market when buying bullion silver coins and bars, and you are sure that rising well above $50.00 is in the cards then is a pull back needed? Many fear that another stock market crash will bring the price of metals much lower, and they may. However, its that it may happen if the stock market does get hammered. There is no guarantee that the stock market will get crushed and there is no guarantee that if it does that silver will follow suit. When you look at timing, the silver may follow suit with a pullback down to the $20 area. I say this because if the market crashes later on after silver has a huge move up to the $30-$40 area, then it could easily lose 30-50% from this area back to $20. What is guaranteed is the fundamentals of the dollar being awful with little to no intrinsic value, while meanwhile silver is guaranteed to be an industrial metal on the periodic table of elements that is used in many different forms.


Silver Tests $20, Turns Back

It was an exciting day for silver early on, the metal poking its head above the $20 an ounce mark for the first time since March of 2008 – not once, but twice - before dipping back down to the high $19 range where it seems likely to end today...(SeekingAlpha)

Silver looks set to take off (This metal is being overlooked in favor of Gold)
Silver has a nasty habit of taking people by surprise. Of all the metals, precious or base, it is the one with probably the most potential. On the one hand, it finds more and more industrial uses each year. On the other, it's also a monetary metal, like gold. So investors seek more and more of it because of its value as a hedge against the debasement of money by governments. Yet months, years even, can go by without the metal apparently doing anything it's 'supposed' to. Then, suddenly, just as your back is turned, it will dramatically spike up...(FreeRepublic)

Gold & Silver Trading Biggest Scam in History Financial Armageddon Could Result
For those with a good memory this is the promised follow up to my piece on the manipulation of the silver market and its very scary ramifications. Before we get into the possible end of civilization as we know it details, a recap is in order. Andrew Maguire of London blew the whistle on JP Morgan Chase's very likely profound manipulation of the silver market to the CFTC...(Huffington Post)

VIDEO(S) on Silver Shortages
This is not an article, but many different videos on this site which is concerned on the silver shortage (World News)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010

$20 Has Psychological Features Only!

Many fibonacci levels are pointing to the high $20 levels into $22 as the next key resistance levels. The previous support and resistance that $20 has encountered has been very light. The chart below shows us that more acknowledgeable levels is $21.00 to the upside and the range of $19.50 to $19.75 going below. The $19.50/75 level recently has been massive which has given this level much more validity than $20.00.

In the 1979/1980 time frame $20 was small term support and resistance only. On the 1979 chart it was a small level of resistance that blew past on the second attempt. Thus this level was not that big. The second chart almost one year later the $20 level was an area of support only tested once that became resistance only tested once. For me to justify a historical level for this to be a relevant number I have to see it play more out as a key level. I would need to see it be a trading range as support/middle/resistance or be levels that is tested more frequently.

However, because many people see this as a psychological number, then this may cause a little bit of selling because its at area where it seems to be up too much on the short run. This can also cause a small buying surge as it is breaking $20. If it does manage to get past the $20, then the $21 area should be that key area where resistance is met and some selling would follow that may bring it back even towards the $19.00 area. I would be a little weary that this move to $20.00 maybe become a bull trap or a failed move on the short term, which could bring that fast move to the $18.75 area which is the next key support level on a decent size sell off. If that does not happen, then $21 will be the next target where probability odds are big for resistance to be met and held for at least a week or two. Just because probability odds say it will happen, does not make it so. For if you are 80% sure one situation may happen and the 80% guess/estimate has validity, then one of five times you will be wrong. Therefore if you play the $21 for a short term short scalp, then make sure you place a stop at an area you are comfortable with for the trade.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend - 2010

Silver Video with Technical Analysis.
The breakout is coming, and this video shows why!

Feel free to use any of these charts for your webapage/videos for your non profit productions. If there is any you are looking for in particular, then please contact me via Youtube Mail on the Youtube message program

Friday, September 3, 2010


Silver makes new high for 2010!

Silver in todays Intra day trading managed to rise to $19.93 per troy ounce. The previous high was $19.85 and $20.00 is a hair away for silver. Silver is over extended on the short term time frame and will be due for a consolidation at some point. Only problem is figuring out what that some point will be. Because this is the area of the previous high from May means that the likely hood we encounter resistance is probable does not mean we will. Because the longer term charts I have mentioned is screaming for the breakout, this could very easily happen. If this happens this could cause a little bit of a short squeeze as the shorts whom haven't covered yet may reconsider as well as short term traders whom are shorting because we are at a key resistance area.


With the GLD to SLV ratio chart it is currently around 6.3 to 1 which is at around 63 to 1 on the ratio. The reason for this is because GLD is traded at 1/10 of an ounce of the price of gold, where SLV is around one full ounce. With that being said, many people keep saying that the ratio should be in the 15 to 16 to 1 ratio. This was the historic ratio that silver and gold have been trading with for years. This weeks poll has an overwhelming amount of responses whom agree with this scenario. We all have our opinions on the matter, but at the end it is price that pays and currently the ratio at the 63 area. Webbot, which is an internet prophecy tool says that ratio will fall to parody or par over the next little while. This would be a massive change in our economy. The fundamentals would support this when you observe the real physical tangible uses of each metal as silver is used in several industrial applications with great potential in the solar industry. The last time Silver traded near the historic 16 to 1 historic levels was in 1980. Silver reached a high at $50 and Gold at $800 which was an exact ratio of 16. As we move deeper into this economic collapse, it should be interesting to see if and when this sixteen level gets test again.


Time to buy silver, a safe-haven Cinderella

Renewed uncertainty over the global economic outlook has revitalised the push into perceived safe-haven assets like gold, but as bullion edges ever closer to record highs, silver has emerged as a cheap alternative...(Financial Post)

How To Trade The Gold/Silver Spread
n my refrigerator, a jar of something called "sandwich spread" has been lurking for weeks. I honestly don't know how it got there, but I suspect one of my Canadian friends who's been invited over for our backyard barbecues may have brought his favorite along and then forgot to export it from our premises...(Green Faucet)

Can Silver Break $20 in September?
It’s that time of year again, folks. Welcome to September.
For all the commentary about gold entering its period of seasonal strength, within the realm of silver much of the attention has been focused on whether the white metal can break $20 on a sustained basis. While much of the recent media attention has been focused on gold setting new all-time highs, silver is nearing a showdown with the key $20 psychological and technical level...(SeekingAlpha)

Silver About To Break Out Big!
Silver is one asset class I do not cover very often, but have been largely bullish on since $6 an ounce many years ago. It can be considered “poor man’s Gold” as they say. I believe Silver is about to stage a pretty large advance based loosely on the Elliott Wave pattern I see unfolding after a 9 odd month consolidation. (Obviously, there are also fundamental fiat currency/debt events worldwide that give it the underlying bull chart pattern)...(StockHouse)

Nuts and Bolts of COMEX Silver Manipulation
The silver market is one of those puzzles that continues to challenge our understanding of free market concepts because it is MASSIVELY volatile for such a stable supply/demand dynamic. When was the last time you heard of a gigantic silver discovery that would drastically increase the supply of silver? Or a new manufacturing technology that will replace the ever increasing demand for industrial silver? Let me save you some time...(SilverSeek)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Silver Uptrend Continues

The chart is rising and silver is looking to breakout of it's range. The SLV high on May 13 was $19.44. Today the intraday high has managed to get to $19.25. At some point a correction testing support will come into play, and as of now it is unclear when this will be. The trend is clearly higher and some key support levels are shown on this chart if it manages to happen soon. Fibonacci will be a key level as well as some key VWAPS and moving averages. The green moving average on this chart is the five day and it is rising nicely and has yet to have been tested as support since this short term bull market has begun. It has been a 10% gain from the bottom and just because 10% seems like it might be up too much in the short period of time, there really is no such thing as up to much until it actually is up too much. With that being said, this means that it could very easily go up another 10% or any other amount before it has some retracement either through time or through price. If it does go higher, watch to see if the lower fibonacci line will match the previous key resistance at $18.25. To find out the calculation for this for the bottom of $17.06 we can use the following algebra formula

A x 0.382 + 17.06 = $18.25
A x 0.382 = 18.25 - 17.06
0.382a = 1.19
a = 3.12
Therefore the difference would be $3.12 if that area of $18.25 becomes the 38.2% level which means from the bottom of $17.06, this would translate to $20.18 SLV or around $20.75 on the silver comex.


Silver Could Gain On Gold, But Gold Likely To Outperform Oil
-Silver prices could outperform gold in the months ahead should the yellow metal keep attracting safe-haven flows, prompting some investors to turn to silver as a less-expensive alternative. However, analysts said, gold is likely to fare better than another benchmark commodity, crude oil, as the precious metal keeps attracting investor interest while oil is limited as a soft economy curtails industrial demand. (Kitco)

BUY OR SELL-Time to buy silver, a safe-haven Cinderella
Renewed uncertainty over the global economic outlook has revitalised the push into perceived safe-haven assets like gold, but as bullion edges ever closer to record highs, silver has emerged as a cheap alternative. Dubbed "the poor man's gold," silver XAG= has risen by nearly 15 percent so far this year to above $19.00 an ounce, making it one of the top performing commodities of 2010(Reuters)

Gold and silver analysis: Showing upside promise, with serious downside risk looking limited
It is, perhaps, significant that yesterday’s rapid upturn taking the gold price up around $15 to touch the $1,250 level and silver trading comfortably above $19 again, occurred as the U.S. markets opened after the precious metals traded flat to downwards in Europe and this is indicative of sentiment: The European economy is seen by some as being in better shape at the moment than that of the U.S...(Stockopedia)

Why You Must Consider Silver for Your Investment Portfolio
You will probably agree that everyone who believes in owning precious metals as a part of their portfolio loves gold. Of all the major precious metals, gold, platinum, and silver, silver seems to be overlooked, or even pointedly ignored, when it is time to make investment portfolio decisions. You may be able to think of a variety of reasons for why this is the case...(WealthBuildingCourse)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Silver gains 7.8% in August

There are a lot of articles today on this page and I could not put them all on. The mainstream media is saying that silver is going up on economic concerns. They can give whatever reason that they want to, and they most likely will need to come across more stories. Silver is breaking out right now and the levels in which Silver can go towards is almost endless when we price it in fiat currency. Some of the other articles talk about the cup and handle formation that is very bullish and I have talked about a long time consolidation that silver has been in. I have also mentioned the 61.8% fibonacci from the 1980 highs and the 2002 lows. On an exponential level this is at $19.00. Because it has had several tests of this level, it seems as if silver is ready and set to break free from this level and soar to new levels.


Gold, silver rise as investors seek safer assets

Wary investors turned to gold Tuesday, sending the price to its highest level in two months, despite slightly more optimistic economic news. Gold for December delivery rose $11.10 to settle at $1,250.30 an ounce as it headed toward its record high settlement of $1,258.30 an ounce, which was set earlier this year... (AP)

A Major Breakout In Gold & Silver Mining Stocks May Be Brewing
The global debt crisis and the war on deflation by the Federal Reserve is causing precious metals to approach a key resistance level. Gold is nearing a 52 week high while silver is close to breaking $19. A break above these levels on high volume could be the beginning of a major move higher. Gold and silver has been a safe haven asset. Many concerns were expressed if miners would collapse in a weak equity market. However, since the last Federal Reserve meeting...(Daily Markets)

Gold, silver rise on safe-haven buying
Gold and silver hit multi-month highs in Europe on Wednesday, with gold breaking above $1,250 an ounce for the first time since late June, as investors bought the metals amid concerns over the pace of U.S. economic growth. Spot gold hit a high of $1,254.25 an ounce and was at $1,252.75 an ounce at 1132 GMT, against $1,248.99 late in New York on Tuesday. Silver hit its highest since May 17 at $19.54 an ounce and was later at $19.42 an ounce against $19.34... (Canoe)

Special Report: How to Buy Silver
An analyst yesterday (Tuesday) called for gold prices to "break out" and head for record highs. But what about the "other" precious metal - silver? Peter Krauth, the Money Morning commodity expert who also runs the Global Resource Alert advisory service, takes an in-depth look at the "white metal" - and shows investors how to buy silver...(MoneyMorning)

Investing In Silver Coins, Silver Futures And Silver Stocks!
Silver vs Gold? What is better as an investment. Many people are obviously going to say gold. But, to tell you the truth silver prices are expected to skyrocket three times more fast as compared to gold in this decade. The reason is simple! Silver has far more industrial uses as compared to gold. Silver is being used in a large number of industries like washing machines...(TraderCurrencies)

Gold & Silver Outshines The Markets In August
U.S. stocks finished a lackluster session little changed on Tuesday but finished the month with their worst August performance since 2001 as concerns about the economy continued to pile on. The DJIA closed on Tuesday to end at 10,014.72. Stocks still posted steep losses for the month as investors lowered their expectations for economic growth in response to a flood of weak data in August. The Dow shed 4.3% this month, its first down August in five years and the blue-chip measure’s worst August since 2001. The S&P 500 and the NASDAQ also posted their worst August performance since 2001, down 4.7% and 6.2% respectively. Small-capitalization stocks, seen as leading indicator of the economy, have taken an even bigger hit this month. Amazingly to the unfortunate, the Russell 2000 index of small-cap stocks posted its worst August performance in 12 years...(WallStreetGrand)

Silver Up 6% Last Week - Gold-Silver Ratio at 65 Sees Value Buyers Accumulating Silver
Concerns that the US economy is sliding back into recession has led to equities internationally coming under pressure and further flows into safe-haven assets. Gold and silver have consolidated from last week's gains and remain near closing levels from yesterday and last week. The yen - a preferred carry trade at times of financial stress - rose back to a 15-year high against the dollar as doubts remain...(ForexPros)

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is shutting down its proprietary trading desks and eliminating around 80 jobs to comply with new restrictions on investment banks, a source familiar with the situation said on Tuesday.(GodlikeProductions Forum)

JPMorgan Is Shutting Down All Prop Trading Desks
JPM told traders who bet on commodities for the firm’s account that their unit will be closed as the company begins to shut down all its proprietary trading, according to a person briefed on the matter. The New York-based bank will shut proprietary trading in fixed-income and equities late (Business Insider)