Wednesday, September 22, 2010



The trend for silver remains higher as it is in a clear upwards trading range and the bias is still towards the buyers on all time frames. Usually the fibonacci works out to big areas of previous resistance and if this is the case then rally on the intermediate term time frame is not done. For both the 38.2% and 61.8% to meet up at the top of its resistance area then SLV would need to move to $21.15. This would make new highs because the Silver comex is around 2.2% higher than its value and thus it would work out to around silver at $21.75.


Gold Climbs to Record, Silver Jumps to 30-Month High on Dollar
Sept. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Gold climbed to a record for a fifth day after the Federal Reserve said it was willing to ease monetary policy further to boost the U.S. economy, triggering a slump in the dollar. Silver jumped to a 30-month high...

Economy: Silver starts to get some of the investor spotlight
The "poor man's gold” is gaining momentum. While silver SI-FT has long been overshadowed by gold as an investment, the surging price of the yellow metal this year is helping to drag its cousin into the limelight again...(Actual NewsOnline)

Global Gold & Silver Markets Set To Explode?
According to Jim Willie in his interview on Max Keiser’s show On the Edge: “In late July there was a story about the Bank of International Settlements and a 340 Ton Gold Swap Contacts (approximately $13,872,000,000.00 Billion Dollars). It aroused a lot of suspicion, it generated a lot of stories, and I think some diversion stories were permitted, like they were helping out some commercial banks. And then later, coincidentally a similar amount to the 340 tons was the supply and inventory of the Portuguese Central Bank...(The IntelHub)

Gold/Silver Ratio Analysis
The Gold/Silver ratio has just broken in favor of Silver. In other words, the ratio has broken to the downside. This development along with persistent strength in Gold has prompted the mainstream gurus and “experts” to talk up Silver. We've been writing about the potential in Silver on more than one occasion...(The Market Oracle)

VIDEO - Silver Bullion: 90% Silver–I Know What That Is. (It’s Silver)

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