Monday, October 31, 2011


This month seen a gain for the silver market as the pattern is now that of lower highs and lows on the monthly chart. Actually it is lower high and lower lower as it should be singular. Only one lower high and low occurred thus far.

It seems that one of two likely events are bound to happen and the first one is continued selling that will most likely test below $25.00 per ounce. This most likely cause a large disconnect with the paper and physical market.

Another scenario is the market finds a clear break above the $44 resistance mark and then not only works back to the $50 level, but goes wild making new highs.

The $50 level has been tested a few times as it was a test in 1980 and twice on the daily chart here in 2011. The more often resistance the more often it will take those levels out.

You can say all you want about the Hunt Brothers and the 1980 price doesn't matter because it was phony and it wasn't real. Yes it was real and it wasn't because of the Hunts that it went to $50.00.

You could say today's market and yesterdays and all the days markets over the last forty plus years are phony, because it is traded with margins and paper contract.

The currency is also phony!

Monday, October 24, 2011


2012, The Economy & Gold/Silver

As I write this article the date has just switched to 10.25.2011 CET and the new day is a beginning. That gives us 68 days until the new year begins and that year is 2012. For years there has been 2012 warnings on the internet regarding devistating things. People stated the economy was finished even four years ago and that we would have a depression for about five years.

Were these people correct? If we were going to have five bad years, then does it make sense that 2012 is going to be that final bad year and a true recovery to build from this? What more do we need to see on the final year?

I asked a lot of questions and I will answer with what is the most logical thing that can occur? The people are waking and this is the current trend. Occupy Wall Street (Occupy Earth) is in trend and this phase will at least help wake people up. From a higher percentage of people waking up and learning experiences from the Occupation the movement will only grow stronger. Michael Moore will most likely keep pushing towards his goals as will Peter Joseph and Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul and Alex Jones and do I need to keep naming these names when the movement is here.

At some point the one percentage elites will have to reply back to the currency creation creating explosive debt and this was and is guaranteed. It seems that a high percentage of people who want changes and are pissed off with the system do not understand debt is guaranteed. I have heard many people complain about how money is being or not being spent and as Peter Joseph has stated that it is nonsense to even have this style of monetary system. Yes there are many anti Peter Joseph people as well as anti zeitgeist. This is because Peter Joseph in so many words attacks capitalism. I don't use attacks, but others would seem to use attack as a word of reference. I refer to the term of "debate" instead and I feel his points are well presented.

Regardless of whether you like him or not it is obvious he is not going to stop working towards ending this slave based system and I will make a prediction right now that in 2012 Peter Joseph or some other signficant person towards a resource based economy will ask the likes of Ben Bernanke/President Obama about the money creation policies.

There was a question asked to Ben Bernanke in 2010 from "We Are Change" that was in regards to collapsing the economy where Ben repeated "I'm not doing any press." Ben also responded to "Is gold money" with a five second delay with the word "no." These are simple questions and therefore the perdiction is that the powers that be will be confronted with much more difficult questions that will most likely destroy this economy.

Therefore unless something drastic happens to deny the information on 2012 it is safe to assume the shift is on and there is not much time left. I am so secure with my knowledge of the economy and consciousness that a drop to $5.00 paper silver doesn't really surprise me much and I know this would crash the paper game just as much as $1,000 silver does. The end game is people losing confidence in fiat paper dollars and thus saying "No we don't want to play that game anymore" for it is russian roullette.

If you were to ask me three and a half years ago what the price of silver would be today, I would have responded with $100-$250 and Gold between $3,000-$5,000. This did not happen and the reasons for why I thought this was going to happen was in play, but I underestimated "the sheep" as they failed to wake through this time and many are still asleep. I am surprised that people still have time to prepare for the d-day (end of the dollar) with these lower prices. We are living a "dream" that "paper rectangles" have value and always accepted for trade. It's getting more realistic that the blows occur in the near future as 2012 is approaching.

For October it looks like the "Shocktober" will not happen unless something drastic happens in the next four trading days. This doesn't look probable right now, but the "Game" or "Paper Derivatives" which has been refered to others as the "house of cards" and when this house of cards falls has been known as "WTSHTF - When the shit hits the fan." It is inevitable that this is going to happen and calculating the "When's" can be very difficult.

For the last thousand days, I wake up and wonder if this is going to be the day when something big happens and "BOOM" thar she blows. Some days have been this way with Fukishima probably being the biggest and the August stock volatility showing big down moves coming. The crash of the stocks I refer to is the system on how stocks work. Not the equity values or the price of the Dow Jones. The crash (that is inevitable) for the stock market is ponzi attributes.

2012 should bring the year where a lot will be accomplished in 2001 9-11 truth. Just like I thinK Ben Bernanke maybe comfronted by Peter Joseph within' debt being 100% guaranteed, but having the likes of Obama, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld be confronted by "the big boys" or even having the much needed trial. In the end if one single thing is going to be responsible for the collapse, this will be it. The masses finding out what really happened.

Another 2012 prediction is that "the truthers" are going to be blamed for the economic collapse and the high unemployment.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011



It is not worth it anymore for me to put as much effort within' this blog. Maybe I got what it was that I asked for even though logic should have stated otherwise. This is good for my mayan calendar consciousness information showing how infinite this world is and how many options we have to get whatever task it is to be done.

I have heard people say that Ron Paul is our only way to get through this and then I think to myself, "really?" as if we only had one possible way of having this work and if that way does not work we are doomed for life. That makes me laugh.

Going back to what I asked for "spiritually" within' my "thoughts" was for me to be behind the radar and boy I didn't think I would be this much behind the radar. Last night I was listening to the SGT Report whom was talking about analysts like BrotherJohnF talking about the silver market. He did say "and more" which would refer to me, but it's very hard for "TheSilverLog" to be named in reference that much. In fact earlier this summer I replied to one of SGT reports videos and make an article on this and he even stated that he never even knew my channel existed. I was shocked when I heard that.

I was asked in a comment earlier today that stated "Sounds like you're taking Clive Maund's perspective on silver." This was interesting because I have only seen one of his articles as of ten minutes ago. I seen his new one because I figured since this was commented he made one. I pride myself in taking my own stance on things and in this copy cat world when I see one's style or methodologies that I think works then I try to work it within' my own methodology as I have no problem taking information done by some other source and ripping it apart. In fact I have been blocked from at least one Youtube channel because of this.

Therefore I have not seen one single piece on a source where somebody does things like taking one my charts and using it for their blogs or for their videos. Nor do I get anyone who asks me for some PNG files for their project as I don't get anyone who asks for things like this. Part of my strategy for doing these videos is showing what I am capable of producing and hoping some day some one will ask for work done that I can help out. This has not happened yet.

I have not seen one piece where my upside fibonacci calculation on Silver from the $4 to $8 levels and how they have manifested themselves on every level. I realize within' the comments of the video that are a few people that love the information that I get and I get so many great comments and ratio on the thumbs up/down. That is why I am not stopping doing these videos.

I guess you can say I have asked the universe to behind the radar if you will and if that is what I wanted, then that is what I got. This defies logic to why there hasn't been that many people who references my work and especially the upside levels that has the sequence of 4.00, 8.00, 10.47, 14.47, 20.94, 31.42, 48.36, 75.78..... as this sequence has been pretty much perfect within' Fibonacci analysis. But because of this I am going to want to keep it this way being under the radar.

I stated I was going to do less videos and the plan is to do a weekend video and I ended up doing a mid week video today and therefore I am not stopping not because the many great people on the channel who have expressed how much they love my channel and information but because of my methodology of doing these videos when they are needed. The reason I do not talk much about a resource based economy is because Peter Joseph does a damn good job that I can't even come close to doing as good and thus I leave it alone. There was a time in 2008 & 2009 I talked about fundamentals and news events, but Demcad and VisionVictory as just two people have done these things well, again I stopped doing it. There is not one person I have seen on this internet who can give the content that I give out. There is only one channel that I know of that will only show logarithmic charts and that is me. There is only channel that I know that expresses Fibonacci and that is me. There is only one channel that can understand the market volatility and that is me. There are several things that I provide that no one does. Therefore as long as that is the case and I still have some interest in doing so then I will.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10.05.2011 Paper versus Physical Silver


Both paper and physical silver rely on the comex pricing as of this post in early October 5, 2011. The free market for the paper game is the rules that are associated within' the brokers you are associated with and pretty much Wall Street. The free market in the physical game will use the comex price as a reference and then decide what premium to use from the spot price. Therefore the same chart you use like the one above is useful for both positions.

Physical is just that. Forms of physical are 999 fine rounds/bars that are at least 99.9% pure silver (hens the 999), can be in many forms of Stirling (925, 92.5%) and practically all countries in this world had silver between 40% to 92.5% in their circulated coins in the sixties and earlier. There are other forms like jewelry and the category misc. where the value is set on the scrap melt value as well as any numismatic value.

People often call SLV and futures to be that of paper and I don't see why we would. Computers have taken over and at least with paper you have something that has some scientific value. Silver and Gold are universal within' metals on the periodic table and therefore it is not paper at all but digits and data sets in computerized technology. Maybe you can request to get paper shares of your SLV and they may comply to your wish(maybe) and if you ask for some bars or coins, you ain't getting any. Therefore you are only getting numbers on a database.

When you sell silver coins or bars on the physical level you can sell for many different things. You can sell your silver for fiat cash or paper rectangles or you can sell it for gold or food or a car or real estate and I could keep going on with products and services they can be used for within' barter. If silver is not a common trade in the economy one is in (like the current) then sometimes you have to trade them for paper rectangles first. Therefore if you bought silver for a total for $4,000 years ago for your lot and sell it today for $12,000 then you turn around and buy a car with the $12,000 then you turned your investment into a car during the tenure you were holding the physical.

When you sell SLV Shares or futures contracts or even shares of miners then you can only sell for the currency level and the funds are sent to your account. If you want physical delivery of your paper rectangles then you have to demand delivery some how by going to bank or ATM. The point is you have no choice but to turn what your silver is worth into something else in a currency collapse. If SLV goes to 210.43 a share when you cash out then you need to turn this into something real before the currency dies. If you cash out of SLV and get yourself what you need to survive and thrive in real goods and you do this successfully then congratulations but it will most likely cause headaches when you have a bank holiday threat.