Wednesday, October 12, 2011



It is not worth it anymore for me to put as much effort within' this blog. Maybe I got what it was that I asked for even though logic should have stated otherwise. This is good for my mayan calendar consciousness information showing how infinite this world is and how many options we have to get whatever task it is to be done.

I have heard people say that Ron Paul is our only way to get through this and then I think to myself, "really?" as if we only had one possible way of having this work and if that way does not work we are doomed for life. That makes me laugh.

Going back to what I asked for "spiritually" within' my "thoughts" was for me to be behind the radar and boy I didn't think I would be this much behind the radar. Last night I was listening to the SGT Report whom was talking about analysts like BrotherJohnF talking about the silver market. He did say "and more" which would refer to me, but it's very hard for "TheSilverLog" to be named in reference that much. In fact earlier this summer I replied to one of SGT reports videos and make an article on this and he even stated that he never even knew my channel existed. I was shocked when I heard that.

I was asked in a comment earlier today that stated "Sounds like you're taking Clive Maund's perspective on silver." This was interesting because I have only seen one of his articles as of ten minutes ago. I seen his new one because I figured since this was commented he made one. I pride myself in taking my own stance on things and in this copy cat world when I see one's style or methodologies that I think works then I try to work it within' my own methodology as I have no problem taking information done by some other source and ripping it apart. In fact I have been blocked from at least one Youtube channel because of this.

Therefore I have not seen one single piece on a source where somebody does things like taking one my charts and using it for their blogs or for their videos. Nor do I get anyone who asks me for some PNG files for their project as I don't get anyone who asks for things like this. Part of my strategy for doing these videos is showing what I am capable of producing and hoping some day some one will ask for work done that I can help out. This has not happened yet.

I have not seen one piece where my upside fibonacci calculation on Silver from the $4 to $8 levels and how they have manifested themselves on every level. I realize within' the comments of the video that are a few people that love the information that I get and I get so many great comments and ratio on the thumbs up/down. That is why I am not stopping doing these videos.

I guess you can say I have asked the universe to behind the radar if you will and if that is what I wanted, then that is what I got. This defies logic to why there hasn't been that many people who references my work and especially the upside levels that has the sequence of 4.00, 8.00, 10.47, 14.47, 20.94, 31.42, 48.36, 75.78..... as this sequence has been pretty much perfect within' Fibonacci analysis. But because of this I am going to want to keep it this way being under the radar.

I stated I was going to do less videos and the plan is to do a weekend video and I ended up doing a mid week video today and therefore I am not stopping not because the many great people on the channel who have expressed how much they love my channel and information but because of my methodology of doing these videos when they are needed. The reason I do not talk much about a resource based economy is because Peter Joseph does a damn good job that I can't even come close to doing as good and thus I leave it alone. There was a time in 2008 & 2009 I talked about fundamentals and news events, but Demcad and VisionVictory as just two people have done these things well, again I stopped doing it. There is not one person I have seen on this internet who can give the content that I give out. There is only one channel that I know of that will only show logarithmic charts and that is me. There is only channel that I know that expresses Fibonacci and that is me. There is only one channel that can understand the market volatility and that is me. There are several things that I provide that no one does. Therefore as long as that is the case and I still have some interest in doing so then I will.


  1. I appreciate your work. I have learned a lot. Thanks

  2. Keep up the good work man!
    I appreciate it!

  3. a long time lurker, not alot of posts/comments but never miss a video...

    i have learned a great deal,
    thanks alot...

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