Wednesday, December 15, 2010


FAILED MOVES CREATE FAST MOVES in the other direction and thats why a sharp sell of or another big move up is never that much of a surprise. The failed move of trying to manipulate silver prices to the downside would cause what? Thats if of course the move has been to manipulate the price lower. I have pointed out before on the long term charts that the move from 1980 or 1981 breaking below $8.00 and keeping it below there for over two decades was that of a manipulated move. I guess the failed move in allowing the free market to bring silver prices higher, brought a fast move to the $4.00 area for a decent time frame.

If the sellers are not able to sell this market off for much of a retracement or even have this market have the ability to correct through a decent amount of time, then the failed move will come to another set of parabolic gains. This means volume to be around three times higher than normal and the candle charts to look much bigger then they do today. Heck, todays candle charts are much bigger in comparison to all the days below $24.00. It seems with the fundamentals of money printing and how fiat currencies can not hold through on the long run that these big moves are only a matter of time. Whether they happen later this year or even into 2011 or 2012, they seem very imminent to come into play. Thats why if we have any big sell offs, ask yourself how this happens and what this means and if this gives more people (and maybe yourself) a chance to acquire more troy ounces than you would have with these paper and digital currency notes.

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