Wednesday, August 10, 2011


1444 EST - With the Rally in silver today and the fake call option picked yesterday at this point with the cost at 61 cents to sell, I have no choice but to make the casino style strategy in selling this for a fake fiat profit (double fake) and I will have more on that later on.

1501 EST - Most likely if the market goes higher another PUT for around 30 cents will be added in the fake game. What I like about the trends on the overall market is silver & gold are showing great confirmation that they are holding a stock market fall. Not confirmation, but fact actually but what is confirmed is that this fall has a much higher increased chance of being massive and the biggest collapse in a short period during any of our life times (with the exception maybe of some older seniors whom went through the 30s.) This should mean with vacations and the normal calm before the storm that we have at least two or three weeks of lower volatility and at some point shortly after Labor Day that we will have that storm and the move sizes we have today will be lighter than they will become.

1615EST - Not adding to the PUTS and will be back after 8pm With the next update.

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