Tuesday, November 16, 2010

$25 test, 11.16.2010

Silver Giveaway One of Two

Help spread the awareness of silver by entering this contest. Send a comment to the video below on awareness and you can win three troy ounces of silver that are Canadian Maple Leaf $5 coins in their original package. Every one whom makes a comment on silver awareness is automatically entered. The winner will be decided by random using the Dow Jones Industrial as the lottery number. Check back on the channel after Nov 27 and your number that will decide the winner of the contest.

The comments will close some time in the morning of November 27, 2010. You can comment as much as you want on the video, but only one entry will be given per participant. Your account must be created on or before November 15, 2010 and your account must remain active until the completion of the contest to be a winner. Regular shipping will be sent to the winners. If the winner requests some other shipping method, they can have it sent which ever way they want at their expense.

Thanks for entering. I look forward to reading your comments and good luck

Silver $25.00 test is on now! This is big because it is the Fibonacci from $18.00 to $29.33. The difference of the two is $11.33 and multiply this by 38.2% is $4.33. If we subtract $4.33 from $29.33 this brings us $25.00 spot. This is where the twenty day is as well as previous resistance that is significant. It could very easily play around with $25 and even break below to $24.75 as it establishes support and has its bounce. If the bounce fails, then $24 is the next likely target and that would surprise me with whats going on right now as the likely hood of this bounce is over 85% to get at least to the $26.25 area. Whether it will make a new low in this intermediate term bear market is tough to say. However, this is like taking a high potent pain killer for the first time. You may feel really awesome or freaked out because of its intensity and then the next few times you take them they are not as good. This is the case for $25.00 with its first test. It is most likely going to go higher and even have nice gains. If it goes to $26.50 and then back to $25.00 then it is like taking another pain killer again that won't be as strong. The support level would not be as strong for its second test. Because this is the first test of this massive level and the longer term trends are much higher, I am going to put the probability odds of $25.00 becoming significant support when its all said and done to some some degree is over 85%. If you are to play this bounce, then that would be to go long now if you are playing a bottom you think it likely, or to watch for the shorter term trends to roll over and then grab your entry at the best position. With options expiring at the end of the week, one may speculate calls like the $24 SLV puts which are 92 cents. I am not making these plays and all this is, is rather a gambling game like blackjack, poker and roulette. The physical bullion is not that way.

Below is the video today and a PNG file of Silver. Check the channel out later on for your chance to win 4 oz bullion maple leafs.


  1. what a great idea i will surely pass it on to all i know thanks