Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November ends another solid month

Dec 2, 2010 - The Silver market is rising again today as the weakness in the USD is driving the market lower. Regardless if the USDX goes up or down, then silver will still be going higher as we have seen in the past few months with the previous dollar rallies. The $31 to $32 area that I have been talking about for so long as a fibonacci resistance point seems very likely to be tested not only before the end of the month/year, but possibly very soon. How well this level will hold is unclear. If it bursts through this level, then $50 is next.


I am kidding on the consumer confidence as MSM likes to make reasons for why stocks go up and down. The reason silver is going higher is for the obvious reasons that have been addressed amongst the truth movement. The manipulation of the shorts in the past as well as the devaluation of fiat currencies. its no big surprise and at $28.00 per OZ the bargains for silver still remain.

Feel free to view or download any of these three charts used in tonights video.

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