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Some additional stuff I want to discuss further is I mentioned to look for 1 OZ 999 FINE SILVER. Well, it does not have to be one ounces as it can be 5, 10, 100 etc. Bars are awesome too, but the best part of these metals is you get what you are guaranteed. What you are guaranteed is to have silver as its intrinsic value. A metal that is used in many facets and can be reused and melted back to production. Paper money, you get a piece of paper and whatever that piece of paper can help you along life is what it will give you. I liked the scrap silver for my own country for the reason of it being more recognizable for my area. If you live in USA, I would recommend USA 90% coins. If you live in Australia and they had scrap silver in the day, I would check that out. Thats why I recommend your own countries scrap silver. If I have no idea what Australia or Japanese scrap silver would look like (if they had it) I would not be as interested. Before I bought my 80% (20 to 66) and 92.5% (Pre 20) silver dimes and quarters and I would try to get them at spot price max and even lower. Then I stopped buying them because I wasn't as sure on them, and realize that these babies will be as good as gold when the shortage becomes an outage. This way, when I look to unload on a decent wave of silver, I would rather get rid of that big jar than a decent amount of bullion to liquidate to other assets. If I sell for cash, it means I am planning to buy for cheaper or using this for some other asset as the fiat currencies reach their expiry date.

Down Day today as it continues to barely hold $34


The good news on this sell off for silver is that it ended the day where the five day moving average is located at. From the data I use (ONLY SLV TIME FRAMES) the rising five day average is at $34.03. The bottom at the end of the day was $34.01 and this is an area that is normally where support is found. Add in the variable that the markets seem to surge after hours the bias is for a bounce from this five day average. If this happens then it's important for any bullish trends to not lose much momentum. Therefore if Silver was to move up from $34 to $34.50 as a hypothetical example then you would not want it to go below $34.20 on any retracements and start to make a pattern of higher highs and higher lows. This type of information is only intended for short term traders or long term traders whom are looking to buy or sell at these current levels.

Another key note is how SLV is very good at mirroring the price of silver spot. Back in July of 2010 I did a calculation and took the live Silver price and divided it by the live SLV ETF price. I got a value of 1.022837066 and for over one half year, that has been the number I have used and have not changed it. However, I may have to now. It states that todays close was $34.17 and in reality it was $34.20. This is normal with most ETF's for them to not track their index exactly, but it has seemed that both gold and silver (GLD/SLV) have done exceptionally well at it's tracking. I realize it is only a matter of time for us to price silver in fiat USA dollars as well as SLV even surviving the upcoming economic collapse and when it gets to the end days and financial chaos is the name of the game then I would expect things to act at major levels. I don't think that the financial system or the powers that be that run these financial instruments are not going to go down without a fight which might make things interesting. In the end fiat currencies can not stand the test of time and gold and silver always win. I see this as two choices and that is either a) The dollar collapse and Gold and silver will peg them selves accordingly or b) The dollar will move to a gold standard and once again the metals will have to be moved up much higher to find an equilibrium with the dollar.

Today the price of silver priced in MG/Gold actually had a marginal up day rising in price almost one half MG. Mark my words as I write this on March the third in that there will come a time when Silver will be priced in gold. Whether it is in Milligrams or regular grams is still to be seen as gold is real money and thus this is why I am making these charts. This is a fairly simple calculation right now to find these prices, as these can be important if you are planning on buying or selling a little bit of silver for that of gold. Calculations are as following:

Silver Price divide Gold Price multiply 31.1034768 (amount of grams in a troy ounce) multiply 1000 (1000 grams are in a MG)

31.1034768 divide Gold/Silver Ratio multiply 1000

Video made this afternoon


The calculations are simple and the results are staggering within' this project. When I import data from the LBMA Gold Fixings Page I can get data that looks something like......

10-Feb-11 1358.75 844.889 995.348 1353.25 843.935 996.209
11-Feb-11 1359.00 849.800 1004.730 1364.00 852.500 1007.310
14-Feb-11 1356.75 847.969 1008.060 1365.00 851.157 1012.690
15-Feb-11 1372.25 856.051 1014.300 1372.75 850.421 1016.780
16-Feb-11 1374.50 852.985 1015.140 1371.25 856.122 1017.630
17-Feb-11 1377.00 853.318 1014.740 1379.00 853.606 1014.870
18-Feb-11 1385.50 854.930 1021.760 1383.50 852.696 1015.040
21-Feb-11 1399.50 862.824 1023.620 1403.00 864.715 1026.560
22-Feb-11 1394.50 862.453 1024.840 1401.00 866.312 1023.370
23-Feb-11 1401.25 863.636 1021.470 1409.25 866.804 1024.540
24-Feb-11 1414.50 873.526 1025.590 1411.50 873.669 1024.160
25-Feb-11 1405.00 874.137 1018.630 1402.50 874.540 1021.260
28-Feb-11 1409.75 868.822 1019.190 1411.00 868.682 1020.020
01-Mar-11 1414.50 867.579 1021.740 1420.75 872.375 1029.310
02-Mar-11 1430.50 877.823 1035.170 1435.50 879.003 1034.820
03-Mar-11 1430.50 879.226 1031.510 1421.50 874.446 1020.390

There are seven columns in there and in order they are DATE - USD AM - GBP AM - EUR AM - USD PM - GBP PM - EUR PM.

Therefore the calculations I did on the spreadsheet was take the USD PM LEVEL and subtract the USD AM LEVEL. I take this number which is the up/down move on the selected time frame and I divide this by the opening value to get percentage gain and loss for that session. When only counting these time frames it is staggering to see that it is down 93.4% from 1968 in a market that has been this tremendously bullish. I can always try this calculation in another currency, but I am not getting my hopes up. This seems like obvious manipulation to me.

AlexisCom put out a great video below with some upside targets before its next decent price correction.

The levels given were the following:

$35, $40, $45, $60, $120, $83.

What is important, is at some point silver will give back a decent amount. The more it goes up, the more fuel that gets added to the price in the bull market. This means moves from $120 to $83. Maybe a move from $50 to $32. It could be $280 to $175. It's really hard to say right now and the odds it is going to be in the area of now to a $24 level or 50 to 32 is very low right now. The short squeeze is on, and if anyones willing to give you bullion at a hair over spot or scrap at spot, then the upside potential given is tremendous.

Thank you for stopping by today on the silver log.

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  1. Hi EndlessMountain. Came across your youtube videos and have spent some time watching and listening.

    Wonder if you can shed some light on this comparison of your silver observations:
    1) The American (including SA lol) market generally opens higher than the close (net loss)
    2) The LBMA also is a net loss

    That represents two very large chunks of market and of time in a 24 hr period.

    Does this make you want to know where the gain happens? For instance is it because the NA COMEX time is staggered from the NYSX timing?

    I think you were getting at the wondering with the charts that included currencies and stocks such as BP.

    Might be worth a look at what happens using COMEX hours....