Friday, March 4, 2011


Silver breaks $35.00 for yet another new 31 year high!>

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Today the silver market had an interesting day in regards to how it is transitioning with gold after yesterdays performance. What a day today with silver gaining almost four percent on the USA dollar and yet the gold market only gained one percent. Yesterday we seen both markets losing a little over 1%. Hey!?!? What happened to those days where silver would only go up 3% on a 1% gold day and silver should have been down around 2.5 to 3% yesterday because of gold losing a percent! Those days are over and the market is changing.

The gold to silver ratio is on very of collapsing, but being the optimist I try to be in life, I would rather state it'll be nice to see the Silver priced in Gold/Mg as this market is bullish. It seems this bullish trend is going much higher as it is closing in on the psychological number of 1,000 that everyone will not be looking at, with the exception of myself a few dozen of you people maybe as well as some other people whom have come up with the right conversion. When the Ratio goes to 31.1 it will be at 1,000mg and when the ratio goes to 30 the mg cost will be 1,037mg. I am look at this term MG for gold as I see cents for dollars and thats why I think this will kick in. Lets face it, the dollar is not going to survive much longer and the world will have to transport itself to something different and the easiest answer is with gold or a basket of real assets (with silver being one of them). Either way, the need for silvers cost being done in Gold is important. If someone wants two ounces of silver for gold they can see from todays charts it would be closing in on 1.6 grams or 1/20 of an ounce. The sane answer is that it is presented in real money and not fiat inflated supplies.

Video Above shows how much Canadian money melt value is.

This video above does a great job in showing how the price of silver has been acting as a great hedge against inflation.

Next update should be some time on Saturday. Have a good weekend.


  1. Thanks Derek, I'm heading out with some friends to celebrate $35 silver - have a great weekend !

  2. Thanks for the Comment Art. Quite a week we had and the celebrations for silver price are only just beginning.