Thursday, July 28, 2011


For todays post I am simply going to type for about twenty minutes and embed a video from Cyrus who makes excellent videos. I'll start of by saying to please vote on the right hand side for which content it is that you would want to see. I can't and will not show everything, but will based on what gets the most votes. Moving on to today's blog I really do not have much of an idea for what I want to talk about, but there is a lot going on right now and it will be easy. The biggest news of the day is rolling across the "Debt Ceiling" and this is coming into play for the start of the next week as Monday is the deadline to come to an agreement. It seems there is always a new story as the old one passes when time rolls on. This story will go away as well and new ones will come. When the stories come in where people are refusing to accept payment in currency for goods, services or employment then things will be a little different. For this one we will most likely see volatile moves in silver will be more volatile and after I have seen the "Civil Law Suit" from Goldman do nothing, the "Flash Crash" on the stock market do nothing as well as even the Oil Spill lead to nothing and the "Silver Comex Crash" was a scare earlier this year that is now in the old I forgot it news. I'm going to put these talks on that list right now until they can prove me otherwise.

I hope as well as many other minorities of truth that the ceiling does not raise and we can get on with the dollar collapse at a more stable manner but that is unlikely to happen. Simple math tells me that the volatility will come because the powers that be always use the events that are scripted (if they are) or the ones that are going on as an excuse (if they are). I inserted the (if they are) because you never know whats real. Maybe it was Osama Bin Laden and the Easter Bunny is real, but I doubt it. As of the close on 07/28/2011 the SLV options for August show me a $44 call for twenty-seven cents a pop and a put for $35 and thirty-nine cents a pop. The math is awesome because it is easy and essential to buy at least five or six contracts of each and therefore unload them for profits one at a time as they appear. Most people lose with options and I doubt this one will lose as either the call or put have potential to generate major gains. It's a gamble and a casino style gamble I will not do because of who the bookies happen to be and I don't like high stakes gambling unless I can afford it and I am good at it. This case is simply because of who the bookies happen to be. I'll follow up later on these phony options and if you choose to play, remember its a gamble and risk what you can afford to lose as Im just a regular guy behind a computer who may or may not know what he is talking about :) Later and enjoy the video below.

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