Monday, February 14, 2011


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The uptrend for silver continues today as the market gained around two percentage points to a close of $30.61. This means the $31.40 fibonacci upside target level is now under three percentage points from our current level. It was resistance on the first hit back when the 2011 year started and the chances that it breaks through is higher than it was six weeks ago. Below is the video I made for todays intra day Silver Log

Final Comment - The truth movement has been a bore for me the last few weeks as I am more intrigued by the action movement where we will see progressive changes in this world. Sure, Egypt had a change as Mubarik stepped down, and I laughed when the people around the world thought this to be a real progressive change. I laugh because all this means to me is a new dictator whom is in charge of things. In fact, the military is now in charge there and thus this seems like Martial Law is now in place in Egypt. The changes I am more concerned with is that of the death of the fiat currency and the fallout from the end of fiat currencies. For three years I have been expecting the dollar to die and have been warning people. I am bored and tired of warning people about the dollar. If anyone wants to know any information to why it will collapse, I'll tell them and most likely refer them to three google searches which are "zeitgeist federal reserve", "money as debt" and "american dream cartoon", but I will not feel sorry for anyone whom is not prepared for what is about to go down. The information has been available to them on youtube since 2007 and it's not my fault if interest in "The Biggest Loser" or "CSI Miami" is more important to them. When we live in a world where Silver was $50/oz in 1980 and overvalued then to the point where it has progressed in being down almost 40% while the above ground supply is lower and the demand for usage grows higher during the current industrial age I often think "Hmm, what is it worth today?" and I refuse to answer in dollar terms, unless I am desperate for an answer. I guess that answer would be properly valued around $250 and overvalued at over $1,000/oz. After all in 1980 it was properly valued at around $14-$15/oz. Instead I would like to think that the amount of real assets you can get as the future goes higher is going to be an advantage for silver owners. If product A costs $320 or 10 troy oz of silver today, I can make a calculated prediction that as some time goes by that the cost maybe $400 or 7 troy oz and the rate to keep heading in this direction. The cost of goods to be more expensive in fiat debt notes and cheaper in troy ounces. Because of the suppression of silver, I believe this to be true as the market re balances it self in the upcoming weeks, months and years. When the stock market was below 7,000 DOW in 2009 I felt things were moving way to fast and I said on youtube (video below) that I wanted the market to go higher so that people would have more time. Well this has happened, and now I think people have had enough time. My hope is TSHTF Very soon!

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