Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Market stays flat today, as Mondays gains keep consolidating

Todays Video

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It was a volatile day today as the silver price kept fluctuating both to the up and down side. It has now stayed above $30.00 for a decent amount of time and overall the gains in the market seem to very reassuring that this market wants to proceed higher to the upside and take out the key $31.40 fibonacci resistance level. One of the images added today is the 15m line chart going back to July of 2010. This has a straight line trend line that is now at $38.10. It would take over a 20% gain to get to these levels and not only would I expect it to test this level in 2011, I expect it to explode over top of it. That says a lot as the trend line is expected to reach over $100.00 by years end. Youtube user AlexisCom1 has shown great interest in this trend line and I highly recommend his channel. Alexis is a Russian Canadian and has many great videos. One of the reasons I expect it to break this level this year is because when inflation gets out of control, it doesn't take long to really explode. This seems to be the year I expect it to happen. Maybe it is because of my research on the mayan calendar and how culture and society is going through this consciousness shift, but I also often think when I hear many people state "Silver is so cheap at $30", that what number can we keep saying Silver is cheap at. is $50 cheap? Is $100 cheap? Is $250 cheap? Is $1,000 cheap and is $10,000 cheap? We'll, I will not say $10,000 is cheap, but I firmly believe that $100 would be cheap in the event that within' the fundamentals of fiat currency as well as the price manipulation throughout the 80s and 90s to be also tied in with the physical supply versus demand that the value should be well north of $100. Thanks for viewing the blog today and I look forward to tomorrows action. Take care

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