Wednesday, September 14, 2011


715pm EST/0118 CET Update-I'll be browsing the web this hour. These are my findings so far.:

This is an interesting chart as it shows us how private investors or the every day Joe is picking up silver. This piece comes from Two Shocking Silver Charts dated back in January of this year with the other chart showing eagles sales breaking out in 2008. This was because the information to how money is created surfaced on the internet and that got people into buying gold and silver. It makes sense on the timing of the issue where we seen the market retrace in the Spring as the comex levels have been crushed. On the links on the right hand side of this blog has a link for the inventories and they are getting hammered.

This image was found at The Daily Bail and it shows an interesting view of the money creation. Sometimes I like to laugh at the situation because in the end the fiat currency is going to die and I wonder what will Ben Bernanke or the person whom replaces Ben is going to say when this happens. What would happen today if Ben Bernanke was forced with a question on how debt is 100% guaranteed to come through and the measures that have taken places has done so in a violent way within the global banking sectors. In my view he has not answered any difficult questions yet and the mainstream media have made sure they have been easy. In my view Ron Paul has been very easy on Mr. Bernanke and I commend and applaud Ron Paul for what he is doing as these tasks are not easy when you are as powerful in culture like Dr. Paul. I say easy on Ben because his toughest question was "Is Gold Money?" ''Youtube Link'' and Bernack could not answer his question for several seconds and his answer was no. Bernanke was confronted by We Are Truth ''Youtube Link'' he was asked the question about the 2008 Billderberg meeting and Ben privately said he was not doing any press today. He was also asked when he will apologize for destroying the US economy and that would be a start for a tough question. I look forward to Ben facing harder questions because grade school is over and the questions get harder!

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