Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The daily chart shows how wild today's action was and it had absolutely nothing to do with its actual underline material which is the tangible silver. Bank of America is moving closer to a collapse and this is one of the steps I expect to occur. The banking collapse must and will happen and probably sooner than later. I and many others have spent countless amount of time explaining how this debt based monetary system is very root at it's evil because of how money is created but the humans waking up to this information and other related events like 911Truth movements makes people not so happy that the government would want us humans to be majorly in debt and thus reliant on fiat currency. That is the truth and banking is the primary cause. People talk so happily about quitting smoking or drinking and I have to think banking may have more critical damaging long term health factors. If people quit banking by getting most to all of their paper rectangles outta there then this would help the world by killing the banks. To learn more on how money is created please GOOGLE SEARCH - Zeiteist Federal Reserve - and a five part video series by NullClothing will appear. That video can explain more on currency creation. As far as the monthly chart we can see a lower high and if we break 32.32 then will have our first lower low on this chart. I've been saying that maybe silver goes down with stocks in the paper game and that Silver paper shares have to collapse and these events make the charts move wildly in both directions.


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09.22.2011 1600 EST - Sum Gie has just sold his put options that were purchased before the market closed at $3.20 per share that cost only 37 cents at yesterday's close. His vision on the silver market was prestige and should be awarded for his efforts. This meant his portfolio which started yesterday morning at $5,900 was worth $624,289.55 and is very close to having enough to retire. He realizes being a 25 year old person he will need over 125 years worth of money to retire with as Sum Gie feels he can live to 150 now that he has cleaned up his life. With 3% average inflation per year and a required amount of $200,000 needed per year that would equate to almost 262 million dollars. Therefore making around eight hundred percent per day would take about eight business days to achieve this lifestyle. You have to feel good about this Gie who struggled with not only gambling addictions but actually making decisions that can lose in the game like hitting his 14 against a dealer five in blackack. Sum Gie realizes he can not play these games of chance while risking these large sums hoping for luck. Its already clear that no one can win at a casino other than the casino itself because every game is pre calculated. Now Sum Gie is investing and making very solid long term choices without the urge to gamble and therefore his solid long term choice is to have an option for tomorrow on the Dow Jones to go higher because it is down too much. He found out that the options expired today and will take some time for new ones to come up and all Sum Gie said was "Oh". Therefore he thought about it and thought about being a little more safe with his investment and because Mr. Gie called his bank, "Bank or America" and felt good about the company and how safe they were. He decided to buy October call options that gives him a whopping month to get his retirement in order. The investment choice was for a call option on Bank of America (closed at 6.04) and the bank advised him to be more diversified. Therefore instead of having just one option, Mr. Gie has three call options. $7.00, $8.00 and $9.00 costings 24, 8 and 3 cents per share respectively for the expiry of October 21 with one third of his portfolio in each investment. That is over $200,000 of equity in each investment. He says October is always a good month for stocks and what better stock than the trusted Bank of America? He feels that there is a good chance BAC will go to $13.00 per share by the end of the month that his investment is pretty wise. Mr. Gie however did withdrawal his original investment of $5,900 from his brokerage account so that he can put food on the table this weekend and buy some more expensive white powder. It makes all of us at FakeNewsPress.Fake smile when we see feel good stories like that this. Gambling addiction can be tough and that is why we have to applaud Mr. Gie for his amazing choices.


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Most news stories are full of gloom and doom that does not bring hope to the world. That is why today on a day where the stock market once again falls we can give you a good feel good story for a gentleman whom has struggled with drug and gambling addictions all his life and he has been trying to get his life together and we think today he has. Once upon a time in a valley somewhere in the United States Mr. Sum Gie has had to deal with the difficulties in life and he said this summer he would stop gambling because of how much it has hurt his family. The season began and this hardcore football betting fan put $1,000 on the Broncos to defeat the Raiders on the spread and he lost. This meant the family was living on what scrubs they could find around the house and it was very slim to say the least. Sum Gie was really sure Kyle Orton was the real deal and felt he could win it big and he turned out to be wrong. Sum Gie did well a few years ago when he started with $50 and won nine straight underdog bets in sports making his bankroll go from $50 to $78,144.54 and then he lost it all the next week when he lost his first game as he always said "Double or nothing every time". His bankroll was gone and he had to some job traveling the streets with a backpack for weeks for some reason and he promised to never make that betting mistake again. This weekend Sum decided not to play the football games and instead he gathered up as much money doing some things so that he can make better financial decisions and instead of gambling it away he can make solid investments that will secure a good long term security blanket. After somehow making his money traveling the city streets with a backpack Sum Gie gathered enough money to start investing. He started his investments this morning and decided to take the last $5,900 he had and bought put options on Citigroup stocks and after he made this investment the market went his direction and the price of his put option went from three cents to twelve cents. This is for an out of the money put option for options that expire at the end of this week. The investor in one afternoon turned his portfolio from $5,900 to $22,500 after fees and commissions and after he sold his C Put option Sum Gie bought a call option for TLT bonds that was also out of the money for 25 cents a share which managed to get up to 99 cents at the close which is when Mr. Gie sold. This meant his $22.500 rose to $81,750 by the end of the day for options also expiring on Friday. This gain was well over 1,000% for the day and a very solid investment. Sum Gie really wants to give up the gambling lifestyle and keep making solid investments. Sum Gie took his $81,750 and put it all on an option play for SLV which closed today at $38.59 and took another out of the money play with a $38.00 Option Put that only cost him 37 cents. When asked today about his solid investing mojo and new stable mind set he said “Boooo Yaaaawww, Silver gowin' downnnn tommoraw and this babys gonna cash and i'll be a millionare by the end of the week. Booo Yaaawww” When asked later about how he felt gambling on sports rather than investing in the markets Sum Gie said “Yeah, Invasting is my thing. No more gambling for me.”


  1. This sucks. 4:30 am pacific & I can't go on my shopping spree. When I buy phyzz I want it in my hand so I don't buy online. I guess I can wait a few hours, who knows it may have dropped another 6% by the time the coin shop opens.

  2. NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The CME Group(CME_), operator of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, announced late Friday it's increasing the margin requirements to trade gold, silver and copper.
    CME said the initial requirement to trade 100-ounce gold futures is rising more than 21% to $11,475 from $9,450, while the maintenance margin is being boosted nearly 18% to $8,500 from $7,000. The changes are effective after Monday's closing bell.
    For the 5000-ounce silver futures, the initial requirement is being lifted by 15.6% to $24,975 from $21,600, and the maintenance margin will rise an identical percentage to $18,500 from $16,000.
    Copper futures are getting similar treatment with the initial requirement going to $6,750 from $5,738, and the maintenance margin lifted to $5,000 from $4,250.
    The CME last lifted requirement for trading gold futures in late August. Gold prices plunged on Friday on the recent strength in the U.S. dollar, which for now seems like the safe haven of choice for investors