Saturday, September 17, 2011



  1. Hello Sir,

    I know probably you are too busy but if you can write at least briefly something about these graphs all awkwards will be appreciated because they say nothing for beginners like me.

    Thank you for your works, comments and contrubitions.


  2. Remzi if you are interested in learning there are many videos on the youtube channel that may help explain. This type of education is not for all people and many who do learn, including myself when I was a student is this is an ongoing lesson that takes time and experience to really understand it.

  3. Thank you sir, thank you for reply.

    I will try to look that videos but my english is not good enough to be able to understand that statements completely.

    If you have time you can try to write only one sentence per chart and I can understand your approach and outlook.

    By the way could you advise me any web source or PDF document to learn TA (Technical Analysis) step by step gradually.
    I want to reserve 1 hour per day to read and try to understand the fundamentals of TA but I need a good guide to follow from A to Z.

    Thank you so much.
    Have a nice weekend.