Monday, January 24, 2011



The market remains to be bearish on the short/intermediate term time frame and still holding on to a bullish trend for long term traders. If you are asking for lower prices because you want to buy more silver or buy for less fiat cash then you are getting your wish. The $31.40 fibonacci level has been perfect resistance thus far. $25.18 is the Linear 38.2% level and $26.11 is the exponential 38.2% level. This is often a spot where buyers can come into the market to drive up prices. Overall its a ponzi scheme how the market trades up and down, but does your dealer know this? Apmex doesn't care because they participate in this ponzi scheme by hedging their bets. They short the silver market when they buy physical and when you buy from them, they cover the amount that you buy. Thus they make commission. If you are looking to barter with people, it is sure a heck of a lot easier to do so when the market is lower, compared to when it is higher. Don't tell your dealer that the market is a ponzi scheme. Actually you can, because he/she either already knows it is, will think your crazy or will not understand.

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