Saturday, January 1, 2011

Silver 2011 Forecast - $100/oz likely

It's very hard or rare to say that a stock or index of some manner is poised to gain over 200% in one year. I guess thats what I am doing here is looking for the gains to reach us to $100 or over 200% from the $31.00 level we ended 2010 at. The indicators are pointing to this because of the fundamentals of printing all of this extra fiat currency with amazing ease. Throw in the fact that humans are waking up to this at high levels the likely hood seems very bullish. As commented in part one of this video that the Yearly chart is giving us a break above the three consolidation which was confirmed this past quarter (Oct-Dec 2010). If we make it to $100 it would be even smaller than the 1979 rally as it gained around 700% from its lows. The breakout on this rally occurred in August at the $18.00 level. Therefore its current gain has only been around 70% and therefore, you now know why I laugh when I people say "Its up too much it has to pull back" or "It's too late for me to get into silver."

Below are videos from Daniel at (VictoryIndependence and VisionVictory)


At the end of 2010 I happened to come across this video (attached above) which was from CNBC on Dec 31 Fast Money. Peter Schiff was on this episode and I could have sworn I was watching a Saturday Night Live skit. SNL did many political newscasts on their show and they were written with the hosts being so idiotic and making the smart guests on the show look bad. In this case you have the hosts say "Exceptionally low for an extended period, where ya been" and there is the example of making me laugh because low interest rates don't help the economy or currency. Interest by its nature of how its created is bad for the economy for the result in. Over 2 minutes in the commentator says very passionately about the dollar going up and how this is a good thing. I don't know if I should laugh or cry at this, because this commentator ignores gold and silver going up as well as how real products going up year over year. Instead it was him talking about the Euro and other currencies being worse than USA. Ok, well maybe so or maybe not! I personally do not care, because they are both fiat. All currencies in the dollar index and world wide are printed through debt measures that in reality enslave many humans in a game only the bare minimum can come out ahead in.

Therefore, it seemed like an SNL episode. The video below is a comparison to what I see. This is a video where the host looked like an idiot to the guest including the host yelling and screaming like the guy did with the dixie. I am surprised this channel is still on youtube and that SNL has not shut them down. Not sure how long this will remain

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  1. I would believe both silver and gold are going to trade in a tight range for a while. Because of the accumulated demand they will take off rather quickly when they move. If you look at the past performance, there were many instances of this type of behavior of these metals.

    Jerry G.