Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The downtrend continues in silver. No video today and there should be one on Wednesday afternoon. Currently the silver market as im typing this at roughly 7:55pm EST is breaking past $27.00/oz. The market is still in an intermediate term down trend and the sellers are in control over the short run. On the long run its still very bullish and I will be pointing this out Wednesday. I watched the zeitgeist moving forward today and in that video they talked about resources and using sane methods of tracking them and using them in a sane way. Obviously it seems no one knows how much silver is on this planet, and this goes to show me that they are not tracking silver that well. I would also think that they are not using it to the very best of measures. Because we are enslaved into the monetary system of fiat dollars, this means we have more shortages because its not affordable to mine the metal at these suppressed prices. Because of this, I hope you are not too worried about any paper contract lower prices that may even bring silver lower than my target of the $25/$26 range. If you are betting paper silver on leverage and the price gets hammered lower and your bank gives you a margin phone call then you have whats coming. If you buy physical bullion, then you should have whats coming also and that is a protection of wealth as well as what (as well as Mike Maloney) predicts as a great transfer of wealth.


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