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The Market is going up! The path of least resistance is higher! We are in an uptrend! I am laughing more and more when people say that it has to pullback or its up too much and the greatest line that it can not go up any more without a sell off. Monday was an up day and this daily chart now shows four straight green candles. This is a four game winning streak. We can also see it had eight straight up days before the two down days making this a 12-2 streak over the last fourteen. Since February Silver is 40-20 or has had forty up days and twenty down days in the last sixty. This tells us that Silver is hot! Would you bet against the New York Yankees or any other baseball teams who has the same streak? I do admit that it can't keep going up to a degree and almost 100% of the time a parabolic up or down move happens, it can be determined as if "It was not a surprise" because of the current trend and when support has been found every single time and the 38.2% level has been as outstanding as it has been it makes me feel we are in a yellow alert for this move to happen. The day is coming soon where it will pop up big and then volatility will unleash us for weeks (if not months) as the wild swings in percentage moves will get out of control. However, for those whom don't like roller coasters or these wild rides and hope for silver to go to the moon there is no other way to go to the moon other than through some turmoil and thus causing the roller coaster to go extreme. Long run it should all work out amazing and there doesn't seem to be any investments right now that do not have some degree of risk within' this roller coaster ride of life. Holding dollars right know within' its risk versus reward ratio is a negative proposition. Not so volatile now because it loses somewhat slow and that too can also pickup. If you are buying silver in the hopes of stable price movement with price targets over $70 then I do not like your chances we top that low, but good luck. The reason I called this mini article "Up" was because this song was mentioned to me in the comments of a video (song below) and it defines the current trend.

That Don't Impress Me Much

$16-$18 was a big range three years ago and after the crash we revisted it for a long time. I was impressed by how long the banking elite were able to keep the prices suppressed, but I am not impressed to the reasons why they choose such the actions. Same is true for keeping this information away for them. I am quite impressed that I am still wondering why most people don't get it yet. Therefore if you asked me three years ago today if Silver would be making new highs over $43 i wouldn't have believed you. I would have thought over $100 by now and I was wrong on that one. However, it would have been safe to say that if it was only going to be around $40ish that we would have had to have had a crash at some point and the answer would be yes to that again. that impresses me they could make the market move from $21 to $9 in a little over one half year. Once again it doesn't impress me why they did it. The move from $18 to $24 that had seemed to have taken forever with quarter gains per day didn't impress me that much. Moving to $29 once again didn't impress me although it was close. The move to $31 didn't impress me much, nor did the moves into the $40 handle. Once again it is getting close. The reason it was close at $29 and again today is because we are in area where we can go parabolic. I need to see this to be impressed or the gains to continue. If this happens that means the same old stuff and Silver by $75 in the summer. If these moves continue I will start to be impressed when I need to cut the lawn as it would be like watching grass grow. With a nominal high of $50.00 and being below it, it is impossible for me to be impressed at these levels. When i throw in over thirty years of inflation and then look at where we are compared to where we should be it will take a nice move to impress me. Below is the Song again from Shania. The blog will be updated light on 09/19/2011.

Update 5:05pm EDT - The market ended the day with some nice gains and massive volatility from this morning. I like how it has rebounded after a sudden spike in the price today. Not sure if we are heading into those out of control times right now, but the indicators are leading towards the possibility of such an event to occur to be higher than they ever were before. I'll be back with a blog update later on after 9pm EDT tonight.

Update 12:14 EDT - When markets move to any kind of new volatile environment it can take me a little bit to settle into things while I calm down and focus on the message of the market. The dow is only down two hundred points and that is not even two percent. If it can go down at least two and a half percent for the day then I may have to think something wild is coming. Right now I can not because every correction gold, silver and the dow have faced has been just that of a correction. I consider this silver market to be indecisive as moves as we have seen in the past few months in silver indicate either a big breakdown or breakout. Breakout meaning the next stage of the parabolic phase and the breakdown means a correction of at least 20-25% or at least a dozen weeks or so through time. Because of the 1979 comparison (Video below) it seems that the odds may favor for that of a breakout and thus if the comparison lives true then next week or at the start of May will be wild.

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