Sunday, April 24, 2011


(All times eastern -5GMT)

1102p - FINAL - Canucks lost and so are the silver shorts right now (hahaha) as the market is moving higher. The volatility seems lower and that sounds bullish to me as we move into the NY Monday. Be back in the morning with an update, but this is a one day event where I randomly type on a time log and will move it back to normal for Monday.

1011p - Hockey game is in OT and I seen new 31 year highs again with $47.94 being touched. What a resilient market. Go Canucks Go!

945p - I'll be done soon, but the $47.65 level seemed to call a good bottom at least it has rallied nice since then. If you did play this in any way make sure you realize risk versus reward and do what you gotta do but im going to expect nice gains today or at least my bias is going to continue to remain very bullish as we approach $48.36 and the even $50.00 level. In fact im going to watch some Blackhawks and Canucks as its 3-3 midway through the 3rd period now. If something big happens in the meantime I won't see it.

925p - Consolidating the shortest of term time frame crash at 47.65. Because the pierce was fast this does state whether the break happens below or up that it maybe very volatile.

918p - That was a 0.7% move in one minute. Volume probably as high and I don't have that information. 65 cents didn't hold that well and could bring us down for more selling or for the 10m, 30m etc. time frames to consolidate a little bit better. Considering the last big resistance was $46.26 it was kinda odd that we kept having these gains on the outset with low volatility. This is the kinda moves I was looking for. Back later on the follow up on this

916pm - Crash, Back later on whats going on

9pm - Most of this below means jiberish or meaningless information for many. For those that saw this live or updated this page every so often, all I can say is I can be weird at times. The trend for Monday looks very strong and until the trend changes playing on corrections is the winner. Not sure on the news, but I hope something big happens soon. We all know JP Morgan is up to their tricks and action is what im hoping for. We're closing on the psychological $50 level so I like how things are going. Be back in over 30 minutes

853p - Levels I am looking for is a move to either $47.65 on the way down as mentioned a few moments ago or a break above the significant fib level of 47.84. As I say this the market makes a new 70 minute low and Im looking for big support at 65 cents

844p - Down 14c from its high set 22 minutes ago. The market needs some time or price to correct and its currently at $47.77

840p - Aprx $47.65 is the 38.2% from the lows and highs over the last 2 hours and forty minutes. A slow down will occur at 9pm on the blog.

836p - Many stops taken out here. Watch out for fast move lower now

833p - I like the chances we make new 31 year highs. Breaking 61.8% nice and 82 cents should hold if it even retraces

830p - Has retraced 61.8% of this sell off. Key level thus is $47.84. I wanna see a bounce from 81 cents

825p - Nice push lower. Obvious support level is 47.73

823p - This time a six cent sale. $47.83

815p - Goodbye to that mini sale now as its back to its levels from 804pm and looking good to go for another leg higher.

804p - New 31 year high *Yaaay* @ $47.85 and its sold off five cents for a mini bargain. Bullish on the short term still

754p - $47.77 is now the level. This was that high mark from the Friday session. This area could bring some resistance but its been pretty remarkable this ride and if there isn't any resistance a spike above $48 should happen soon

734p - Market remains bullish and the $48.36 level may come soon as in a few hours

703p - Small Uptick, update later

652p - Looking to break out short term up to 47.61

645p - Watching short term volatility which seems to be much lighter than expected to start but the rally has held for three quarters of an hour and now at the top end of the range. Hourly chart coming after 7pm

634p - Trading sideways in the range of 47.47 and 47.59 after a nice gap higher. Given the early factors i am not too sold that the market is ready to retrace as of yet as the price is at the bottom section of this range currently at 47.50.

608p - Market opens and its $47.50 currently. $47.29 is used as Friday's close. Be back in 30 minutes

6PM EDT THE MARKET OPENS AT. I Will probably be busy at that exact time, but will write summaries throughout the evening. The market ended Friday with many questions and possible conspiracy theories. I think the market closed at $47.22 and am not sure. The open will decide for ME what the Friday closing price was and there should be a lot of good analysis tonight. I have no idea what to expect as of yet other than I will do the best I can to adjust to the message of the market. The plan is to keep it active from 7pm to 9pm EDT tonight with updates every few minutes.


  1. What is your target price for silver in the short-term? It feels like the internet bubble and if so you think we are in the 9th inning?

  2. great technicals and insights! Same mental wavelength but yours is much more well articulated, lol.. Keep it flowing.. i'm in AGQ since $62 and still holding...

  3. you think tuesday's fed mtg is a game changer? the shorts are making it feel like that. Are you buying any more at these levels?

  4. has new prices updating: Silver coming in at 47.449 USD and 32.571 EUR. Nice!

  5. How is the dollar doing thus far

  6. the dollar isn't do so well kayslay but it is like watching grass grow as its volatility is not there. 74 and change now and 70.70 is the all time low.

  7. I was following your blow-by-blow. I hope you do more of that in the future.

  8. 49,831 today allready. 50 this week for sure... wow
    Greetings from Finland and keep up that good work you do :)

  9. Ducks lost too :'( Byebye Teemu Selänne (my countryman :P)

    Anyway, silver already hit $50, amazing! I'd sell some of my paper silver and take the profit right now if it wasn't the Easter, the banks here are closed, lol.