Thursday, May 5, 2011


Update late night - If you look on the chart I put up it has not made a higher high since its current high of $49.81. Each following high peak has been lower in each occasion. The fibonacci from the high and the breakout levels is $33.57 and below that is the $31.28 massive level. This is the length I was expecting to occur over a six week period and it happens very fast. A dead cat bounce is also bullish or bearish after a crash because it only takes you to neutrality usually and crashes usually have them. The 38.2% on the way up is $39.52 and there should be a good chance for this to happen. It needs to get above $42.31 to make a higher high which is 20% away. Very normal for intermediate term trading and thus watch out for whats coming. Finally I need to talk about warning signs on the banking system and for the first time since 2009 I now see them. I'll explain that this weekend or Friday.


The crash continues and the steep downtrend lines only getting worse as the rate of descent keeps going faster to the downside. We are at an area of support which kind of means crap at this point as we are in crash mode which means buying here is a huge gamble as the crash can continue. At th same point the bullish moves are going to resemble the ones we seen when silver was $8-$10 per ounce because that came after the last crash. I said yesterday that $31 will probably not get taken out before we make a lower high and im not sure anymore. I've explained in the videos the manipulation with the margin rakes and the video below by Dr. Doom explains it well.


This chart counts fifteen minute intervals only from 930am to 4pm EST. The biggest move on here was an 8% hit on the first 15 minutes of trading Monday. This is where SLV shares went from $44.47 to $41.25 and currently as I type this SLV shares are trading at $35.55 or down another 15% from the original blood bath. The SLV shares mirror the price of silver and if you buy stocks in any form you are thus making a casino wager on the price action of silver. You don't get silver and its obvious that they don't have all the silver that they say they do. Until the people do something to stand up for themselves then this kind of crap will continue. Free traded markets have a 0% chance of acting this way unless a real catastrophic issue happens on the supply & demand curve (That has not happened) and its obvious this is done by the powers that be. 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB. Yet, so many people state that we are conspiracy theorists and that its not productive to talk about this stuff. I got news for ya, if people are clueless to whats going on then it should be worth talking about. The bankers (PTB) took down New York City's buildings and placed the blame elsewhere. What this shows you is they are capable of doing very evil deeds and thus by knowing this information then you can be ready for these kinds of moves and most likely anyone on this blog should not be sweating this move other than a case where they have to sell because of other financial institutions. I don't talk about the paper market as a fraud for something to do, I say because it is real and true. Nobody should be losing on this loss as anyone whom is getting out of the dollar is leaving only the minimum in their bank accounts. Sure you may lose if you sell your bullion today and you definitely would get less than you would seven days ago, but lets not forget the real reason why its important to get out of the dollar into silver which is long term thinking. Buying SLV shares and holding them for months is not going to do it and those whom don't get shaken out here and are in it for the long run will only lose if a real supply and demand issue affects them. The rate we are going, if we keep losing at this rate then we will be at one penny by years end and $3.00 on the forth of July. The New World Order has a track record of doing these kinds of things and my advice is to stand up to the bullies


Observing the market fall from $48 to $36 or twenty-five percent in under four days I would consider to be that of a crash. However, this is the first time in my life I have ever seen a crash with a rising fifty and two hundred day moving average. Every single archive crash I have observed (with the exception of stocks and earnings reports) occurs in a down trend. When the stock market lost over twenty percent in one week it did that with a declining 50 and 200 average. The 50 was also declining in 1929 and 1987. When Silver crashed in 2008 it was the same thing. The bankers are not going down without a fight and the longer this goes on the bigger the disconnect will be within' the paper and physical market. The banking system has been very fraudulent in the past (and present) and they are sticking their policy of secrecy. Without giving me a vague answer, can you tell me what is actually going on right now? Is the demand for the bullion getting crushed? Have we had 20% deflation over the past four days or has 20% of the currency been destroyed? Has the national debt went to surplus? Has another metal or resource crushed silver in its uses? The answer is no and if the big banks continuously sell what they have then this is going to keep happening. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the flash crash when the stock market lost around 1,000 points in a day and 600 points over an afternoon cup of coffee. Goldman Sachs can do these kinds of things as can the other big bankers in this world. We need a conspiracy team to track what is going on because the associated press isn't going to tell us the truth. The interesting thing is I get comments like ... "This is retarded! I cant watched your videos anymore... Until there is some good news.." and I kind of wonder why this individual is on this planet and not some other one. The mayan calendar is ending and has been correct. Many people deny it for whatever reason and yet it keeps being extremely accurate. These things are supposed to happen on a conscious level of earth changes. Most people have access to the incorrect mayan calendar information because they find the incorrect sources. If you have seen my youtube channel you should see my mayan calendar video series as well as Ian Lungold's video series that explains how consciousness is changing. When the information given is currently matching with today's financial markets as well as other forms in this world only a fool would think its bogus or wrong.


  1. Jep, i agree with you. I just wish silver will dive even more that more people can get in with cheap prices. People are waking up. Im holding mine until the end.

  2. this might help

  3. I like your work. Very hands on tech analysis. I'm going to take a crack at analyzing a channel on the daily chart (not a log chart). I drew a channel (about 45 degree rise channel, which is ver strong) back from late March up until April 18th when the channel was violated to the upside at $43 and on April 25th at $49.75 the price moved $6.75 away form the $43 breakout price. The bottom of the channel was violated on May 4th at $41. If you subtract $6.75 from $41 you get $34.24 the low for May 5th. I have been told by chartists that is price moves out of sync in one direction it will over correct coming down. In this case price rose $6.5 away from the breakout of the channle to the upside and will most likely stabilzie around $6.5 down from the breakout to the downside of the lower channel line. Just my thoughts. Time will tell. Thanks.