Tuesday, May 31, 2011



The five day moving average currently at $37.83 maybe tested very soon. The one day moving average is rolling over and I am very confident this five day average will hold as support and that we will move towards the fifty day moving average. Therefore if we have any selling in the next little while I would expect that area to be where a bounce will come from. If we survive the 8am to 10am EST thrashing tomorrow because if it doesn't occur or its a small dosage then I would be thinking the push higher is near. If those bears are right then the push lower should occur very soon, however I don't expect this to happen. The poll on the right has surprised me as many people are newly finding out the corruption of how currency is made and showing growth to be exponential. In 2008 I was researching this for a quite a while and as of now I am the only vote for finding this out in that year. This is what is going to crash the currency and thus tangible assets will hold its value. Thanks for voting and stopping by. Have a good night/morning.

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