Thursday, June 2, 2011



This market currently is right at the eighteen day average of closes and the average of lows is currently at $35.18 giving it more reason why that level is so important to be held. I have added what looks close to that of bollinger bands which I will explain how I calculate them at the end of this mini article. This is designed to find areas where the market is oversold or overbought. Bollinger bands are great and all, but unless I can calculate them myself and understand what it's meaning really is then I refuse to put this within' part of the analysis. Currently the low end of this band is right below $31 and not shown yet on this chart, but on the way down it crashed through this level which is set so that if it makes it to anyone of the bands it has done very well as I have used volatility to help determine how high or low these bands should go. The method that I used to calculate this is I find the average volatile moves over the last eighteen periods which is the calculation of (High-Low)/Low. Therefore the upper band is triple the volatility plus one multiply the average of highs. Therefore right now the average is $36.95 and the average volatility over the last eighteen days is currently at 5.1% and there triple this number to 15.32% and 36.95 x 1.1532 is $42.61 and this gives me the band level. For the lower side I take the opposite percent level for a negative and the opposite of 15.32% is 13.28% to the upside and take that percentage off the average of lows set at $35.18 which is calculated to around $30.50.


The total amount of shares that has traded on SLV since the start of May is 2.4 billion shares. This is pretty much 2.4 billion ounces because one share of SLV is designed to be in or around an ounce of silver. It takes us three years to mine this much and yet it is traded over the last few days. It's easy for the high frequency traders which is supercomputers without a soul of consciousness executing trades faster than any human could even come close to thinking and this is all fine with the people? After all on May 6, 2010 the stock market suffered a flash crash and the people were all fine with this and I guess those who got screwed over by it either sucked it up and didn't say anything and even if they did say anything it would have not got them far. For the dollar to collapse and for humans to get freedoms we desire then it is up to us to do something about it. If you are sitting back on your sofa waiting for the government to fix the problems, then that is not very productive and if anything counter productive. It's a fairly simple to task to do and the easiest part of this is to tell the banks to Fv(k off and this is done by not playing their casino game of equity trading. This is done by not using their service for a safe and closing the accounts completely or putting the absolute bear minimum in their and when you get paid, then send email transfer for some silver or withdraw the currency from the bank machine. There are so many things that can be done, and this is the biggest one. I am not a financial advisor but you would be hard pressed to find one that suggest the same thing that I am here by saying goodbye to the debt system. Another thing I suggest that a financial advisor will not is to wake and help as many people that you can with information on currency and government policies. This could be on 911 being an inside job, how money is created, their policy on chem-trails and Monsanto as well as the pharmacy/fluoride issue. There is so many different topics that need to be addressed and it seems more clear to me that its the people that are going to be the ones to collapse the currency! Why would the government want to collapse the dollar? This is their tool that is used to keep us enslaved and what they are trying to hold on to (maybe a thread).


It looks as if we have established a resistance level around 18%. The last two great buying opportunities came when it was breaking 10% and it won't be the case here because of the higher volatility requires a bigger push. The blue line is still above the orange one and what would be nice is if this could consolidate from 10-20% for a few days or a week and then finally break past the 20% range where the blue line will go below the orange one and thus set another buying opportunity. The fact that the market made a 50 day high and then a few days later made a 50 day low is not normal market action and I have tried to not make it a secret that the paper trading game is a little bit shady.

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