Monday, June 13, 2011


Markets took a hit today as we move closer to the $33.58 key fibonacci support level. Still in the boring range, just now it is on the bottom end of the range and the prices for silver remain very cheap for the bullion. I have been busy and not able to update this page as much as I would have liked and today I have seemed to have stumbled upon a system that can pick stock winners and give exact buy and sell levels. I have never found a system that can work so easy, and it is currently in the tracking stages now. I am tracking the Dow30 component and I have done ten of them so far (one third) and this methodology has a 53-6 record and an average return of 2.54% over the last 20 months or so. I don't like the brokers of this paper game and shitcoins is another I am not too found of either. I will most likely sell this information on here since it does not to anything productive for society other than those whom can do something with the fiat money they make in a productive manner. I still want to test this out some more, but lets say fiboancci did it again :)

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  1. Thanks, once again for those great videos and impressive analysis.

    Please keep up the great job you're doing, many ppl need it