Tuesday, June 7, 2011



The market is currently having battle with the five day moving average and the one day average has crossed through with the declining five day. Just because the five day is declining does not mean the market is in an intermediate term down trend because it needs to confirm the move going lower by breaking below $35.00. If it stays above this level then the market will move to a neutral state instead. If the five day average starts to move higher with the market going up, then this will cause a bear trap or that of a failed move by breaking below the five at the start of the month and not reversing the trend. Often times from failed moves can create a fast move in the opposite direction. The big level is the Fibonacci mark at $37.32 which is what is needed to make the selling on this chart to become a failure and blue skies ahead (for now) as the market inches closer to that $39.00 level. All this is happening within' the range for five weeks between $33 and $39 area and I find this market to be that of boring trading within' this range, but it has given many people some time to think about their fiat debt notes and whether they are ready to invest in the real physical metal (Not the paper crap).


The comparison chart has managed to go well below the levels from 1979 after the same amount of days on the breakout level and I will continue to focus on this chart until there is no need to anymore either because it has fully compared itself in the time required with 1979 or the comparison flat out dies. Just because it is well below the level back then does not mean the comparison is dead because the market then traded sideways after the same amount of days as it is now. I often wonder if the market is not free then how will the price manage to go these highs levels and it confuses me the more that I think of this. I realize that its the bankers that control the market and they want to suppress the price to keep their fiat dollars alive and for now I'll just play the song "You can't always get what you want" by the Rolling Stones and leave it at that. I realize its the people on this planet that need to lose faith in the currency and that is what my end game is all about.


  1. Dear Derek,
    I am from Belgium EUROP,
    silver traded for 3,5 YEARS (175 weeks) sideways (300 ->350 euro/kilo) from march 2006 till august 2009, with a top 420(march 2008) and a low 220 euro (october 2008).
    August 2009 was the last time it traded under 350 euro/kg. with a top 1040 in march 2011.
    Now silver is trading sideways for 6 weeks ...
    since the manipulated "crash".
    There are a lot off people with paper losses who are not re-entering the market...
    In 1980 during the HUNTS, silver traded for 50 days above 30 dollar, and 7 days above 40 dollar. Now it is trading 83 days above 30 dollar and has been trading for 18 days above 40 dollar(april 2011)
    Give the manipulators some time,
    keep buying physical ....


  2. Gold falls from a five-week high as European debt concerns eased, eroding the appeal of the precious metal as a haven.Stock Tips