Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Another day is over and the market remains above the fibonacci support of around $33.00 and below the fifty average around thirty-nine which has been the case for going on two months now. The fed spoke today, and I have no idea what they said. This is all a horse and pony show for myself because I know whats really going on behind the carpet. This fiat currency is a cancer in itself and we are trying to keep the cancer alive and everything we can to make the cancer happy? Is this what our lives have become? I refer to this fiat monetary system as very cancerous because of how it has destroyed many human beings. Debt is the most obvious situation, but even gambling addictions as well as crimes are related to this monetary system. Because guaranteed debt in itself is the number one direct shot towards the people, when I hear anything from bankers about what interest rates are all about then I don't want to know or participate in such an evil act. This is what it has all boiled to now as we have a boring market chart with sideways consolidation and I am out here ranting about stuff like this.

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