Tuesday, June 14, 2011




Not much has changed since I last shown this image last week as for the buyers to get into control the direction from the low (orange line) needs to be above the direction from the high (blue line). Sellers still show the control and because this is a manipulated market then trading fundamentals do not work unless you count the manipulation as part of the fundamentals which is a smart move. However, because the powers that be have a policy of secrecy and harm amongst its citizens it can be very hard to see what they have planned. I say harm because they believe in a debt based system and because they control the monetary system the way that they do that is the reason I buy physical silver. I am waiting either for a confirmation breakout on the bullish side which will result in the orange line going higher than the blue line or a move below $30.00 per ounce.


Day Twenty-nine is now over as day thirty comes into play. This is the amount of days that silver has stayed and held above the key $33.58 fibonacci support level as well staying below the fifty day moving average that is flat between thirty-nine and forty per ounce. It's tough to say how long we will stay in this range because I don't know what the banking elite have planned, but if the market breaks support and moves to the next support level, then we will have some more panic amongst the silver community because they think the market is random or they think the market is free. The market is overall boring and until it breaks to one side or the other I will be less active on this channel.


Silver is holding on the eighteen period average of weekly lows like a thread now and this is not a good thing for those who want higher prices. It's a great thing if you are looking to buy more silver as it seems as if the market does not want to hold on. The thirty-two to thirty-three area will be most likely short and intermediate term support, but that also doesn't mean for this to be the case. After all the market is still in an indecisive direction phase and because it is below the declining five day average that might be bullish short-term. Normally it is the opposite that it is bearish when this is the case. It's tough to say because the market is not currently that easy to day trade and the only safe bet that I see when looking at these charts is exchanging fiat fake debt notes for physical silver for long term holdings. Final note on this paragraph is that as long as the market closes above the eighteen period of lows then I will keep the market is a cautiously bullish mode, but its getting very close for me to move this to neutral.

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