Friday, June 3, 2011



It is funny that only the few seconds of technical analysis that was given in part two of Thursday's video actually came true. That was "maybe we come down a little more so that the Fibonacci lines will match up" and that happened perfectly when the market bottomed today at $35.10. It seems like it is too much of a co-incidence that these fibonacci levels match up well with previous support, resistance and other key areas rather than random spots. The resistance met today from the morning rally was met at that key $36.50 level and if it can manage to make a higher low then taking this mark will be expected. It has now been over a hair over a month in time since the short term major panic crash setup most likely by the banking elite and it has consolidated for a decent amount of time. I will continue to make and follow these charts if they are helping. Don't tell too many people, but the price movements are not real and there are still many (if not all of them) that are selling their 999 silver for only a small percentage above the price the government tells us it is which is an extremely free market (Free for the powers that be to manipulate). The revolution it growing stronger and the video below is from south park which had a great skit that i thought was funny. There is swearing in this video.

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